Pioneers in Engineering Robotics Kit

I created a robotics kit from scratch, iterated on the product the next year, and now lead the Mechanical division of Pioneers in Engineering. This includes coming up with cost-effective robotics parts, arranging weeks-long machining schedules, and outsourcing production to the UK, Northeast US, and China (including motors, gears, and aluminum parts).

Through iteration, the cost of the kit (both R&D and cost of manufacturing) has reduced by 50% and user feedback has improved by 75%. The Mechanical division has also increased in members from two at the end of my freshman year to fifteen my junior year, through the work I put in to create a culture of diligent, rewarding, and people-focused work.

GD&T Drawings

Sheet Metal Standoff

Motor Mount

35-Hole PiE Metal Centered

Bearing Block

Screenshot from 2017-09-22 01-52-09Screenshot from 2017-09-22 01-51-36

Stress Analyze test of 10x12 hole plastic sheet.PNG

Screenshot from 2017-09-22 01-51-07.png

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